B2B International
B2B International

December 19, 2013

10 Top Tips for 2014

It’s day nine of our ’10 Top Tips For B2B Marketers To Make 2014 A Success’ series and the penultimate tip of the series looks at how you can make your b2b content relevant, compelling and shareable! To read yesterday’s top tip, click here: Top Tip 8.


Top Tip 9: Make your b2b content relevant, compelling and shareable

When using your market intelligence in any marketing communications, make sure it’s relatable and solves their problems. In b2b marketing, it’s important to ensure the content you produce isn’t just a sales pitch. The best way to engage your audience is to show you understand their problems and can offer real solutions. So, stop trying to sell your products and services, and start solving your audience’s problems. If you do that you will be the first port of call that people turn to for information and advice. Stronger, deeper relationships in b2b markets are built on trust and mutual benefits. If you can become the resource of choice for all their needs – you’ll build trust and keep them coming back for more.


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