Top Tip 2: B2B Market Sample

10 Top Tips for 2014

It’s day two of our ’10 Top Tips For B2B Marketers To Make 2014 A Success’ series which can only mean one thing – it’s time for top tip number two! To read yesterday’s top tip, click here: Top Tip 1.


Top Tip 2: Ensure your b2b market sample represents the entire market

B2B research is concerned with populations of organisations, not of individuals. When looking at b2b markets, the distribution of companies typically fits the 80:20 (Pareto) rule, where 20% of organisations account for 80% of the market. Therefore, it’s vital that your sample includes these large companies in order to get a true representation of the market. A potential strategy might be to carry out a census of the largest companies, and a sample of the rest.


To learn more about B2B market samples, click the link below.

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