Improving Your Customer Experience


Where does your brand rank for customer experience? The latest customer experience rankings, published by Nunwood, have highlighted the UK’s best performing brands for customer experience. Retailer John Lewis took this year’s top spot, with well-known brands such as Amazon, Virgin Atlantic, M&S (food) and Waitrose making up the top 10.

These rankings are likely to raise questions among many marketers across the country about their own customer experience programs and how they’re being perceived. To this end, we have compiled a list of the 4 key questions every marketer needs to consider when designing their customer experience.

4 Key Questions to Improve Customer Experience:

  1. Processes – are these in place to ensure a smooth journey?
  2. Attitudes – are the people across the whole organisation delivering the experience aligned and representative of the brand and its values?
  3. Communication – do we communicate the importance of the customer at all times?
  4. Evaluation – do we have anything in place to ensure we are delivering it?

These 4 key questions form the basis of a well-structured customer experience program, and should ensure you can design and implement a program that consistently delivers a great customer experience.

To read more about customer experience management, take a look at our white paper: Managing the Experience of Your Customers.



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