How to write a great research brief

How to write a great research brief

As you may already be aware, last week was Good Pitch Week, an entire week dedicated to the examination of the pitch process for both clients and agencies. Therefore, we thought we ought to pitch in with our own thoughts on the topic of pitches, and have decided to focus on one of the most vital parts of the process: the research brief.

Writing a research brief is vital to the success of any market research project. However, it can be difficult to craft the perfect brief that meets the requirements of both the client and researcher, and which leads to the desired outcomes. After all, a market research project is only as good as the brief itself.

For this reason, it’s important that the brief outlines clearly the problem faced and the key objectives of the study. Otherwise, the study may not provide the expected results.

With this in mind, this blog post outlines the 5 key features every research brief should contain, and should help ensure your briefs hit the mark every time.

5 key features of a great research brief

  1. Problem background – An outline of the problem faced, i.e., why is the research being commissioned?
  2. Product/Service description – A detailed description of the product or service to be researched, i.e., product features, benefits and uses.
  3. Market focus – An outline of the markets and geographies to be researched, i.e., who and where should be researched?
  4. Key objectives – A description of the desired outcomes for the research study, i.e., what do we want to get out of the study?
  5. Time and budget constraints – An outline of any time or budget constraints associated with the project, i.e., is there a limited budget?

By making sure you include these 5 key features into your next research brief, you can increase the chance of the project being successful. To learn more about market research briefs and their importance to any research study, click below to read our article: The Art of the Brief.

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