B2B International Launches ‘Beyond Knowledge’ Rebrand


B2B International is the largest, independently owned, business-to-business focused market research company in the world, working with leading brands and multinationals to provide valuable market information that guides more effective corporate decision-making. And it is introducing a new look and brand proposition!

Over 15 years, B2B International has continually transformed itself in order to provide cutting-edge market intelligence. What began as a family business in 1998 has become the world’s leading b2b market research agency. The company has been re-energised on the back of a record year of financial growth and after a period of sustained global geographical expansion.

Co-founder and director Paul Hague, a Fellow of the Market Research Society and highly respected figure of the industry for 40 years, says: “Our new visual identity and brand proposition have contributed to a brand that looks and sounds like a smart and experienced leader. The way we communicate expertise and intelligence is to lead by example – to say we think that way, speak that way and write that way. We intend this revamp to exemplify this.”

Hague also believes the rebrand is a recognition of how the market research industry itself has changed within the last decade, how clients/organisations perceive market research and wish to receive intelligent information, and how the digital revolution and rise of social media need to be more overt in a brand.

B2B International has always been a major player in the market research industry and so, ahead of today’s rebrand, the company sought opinions of a cross-section of b2b marketers as to their views on market research and their requirements of a modern research provider. B2B International has used its own findings to refresh its research offering and communication channels. Co-founder and director Nick Hague says: “from modest beginnings, B2B International has developed a b2b DNA and the process of rebranding has enabled us to revisit our three core values of experience, knowledge and client commitment, then contextualise these in the modern era. It’s certainly an exciting time.”

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