Manchester is the most linguistically diverse city in the UK

According to research by the University of Manchester, long term residents in the Greater Manchester area now speak up to 200 different languages, making it one of the most linguistically diverse cities in the UK. Aside from English, some of the most spoken languages include Arabic, Chinese, Polish and Urdu.

The research reveals that around 40% of young people in Manchester are likely to be multilingual, and for adults the figure is likely to be around 50%.

Professor Yaron Matras, who coordinated the research, commented that “Manchester is very likely to be the most linguistically diverse city in Europe, certainly when compared to other cities of its size, perhaps only outflanked by London and Paris”.

This can only be good news for B2B International and its clients because, given that our fieldwork base is located in Manchester, our researchers have the ability to understand a wide variety of foreign markets and cultures. As a result, we can offer truly valuable insights on both a local and global scale.

To read more about international research in the UK, check out our white paper, looking at the extent to which the UK market research industry can be considered a world leader.

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