Opportunities in the U.S. gain momentum

Over recent years, there has been – understandably – much focus on the opportunities offered by emerging global markets. One country which may have been overlooked during this time is the United States. B2b marketers are, today, refreshingly optimistic about opportunities Stateside, as markets such as the construction and chemical sectors are on the rebound.

By way of example, General Motors’ international division (China, Russia, Korea and other emerging markets) sold more cars than its North American unit in 2012 (3.28 million vs. 2.93 million), but North America’s pretax profit of $6.95 billion was more than triple that of the international profit.

While growth has slowed in the likes of the BRIC countries and other developing markets, the U.S. continues to regain momentum as the world’s economic powerhouse with a GDP of $15 trillion per annum. Not surprisingly, b2b marketers have recently placed greater importance on the U.S. as a priority for research, acknowledging the opportunities across the whole country.

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