Apple Is UK’s Coolest Brand

The annual CoolBrands list of – you guessed it – Britain’s coolest brands has been released, and is topped by technology behemoth Apple. The company takes the top spot after rising from second place last year. Last year’s winner, Aston Martin, dropped to third in this 2012 survey. Second spot was claimed by YouTube, Google’s video streaming site. Google itself came in fifth, just behind microblogging site Twitter, meaning, perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s a definite ‘technology’ bent to the list.

Stephen Cheliotis, chairman of the CoolBrands expert council, commented: “It is interesting that in this age of austerity our perception of cool has increasingly shifted from aspirational, luxury brands to free or more affordable brands that provide us with pleasure. The presence of the online brands like BBC iPlayer, Twitter, YouTube and Skype are a great case in point.

Cheliotis went on to point out the distinct global – rather than British – feel to the list: “As we have seen over the last five years, the bulk of the top 20 is dominated by international brands, which is very sad for UK plc. Despite Team GB’s success [in the Olympics] it remains unlikely that next year’s top 20 will see any change in that pattern. It will be interesting to see next year if the luxury brands fight back or whether the list continues to feature so many online brands together with the tech giants.”

The full top 20 CoolBrands are:

  1. Apple
  2. YouTube
  3. Aston Martin
  4. Twitter
  5. Google
  6. BBC iPlayer
  7. Glastonbury
  8. Virgin Atlantic
  9. Bang & Olufsen
  10. Liberty
  11. Sony
  12. Bose
  13. Haagen-Dazs
  14. Selfridges
  15. Ben & Jerry’s
  16. Mercedes-Benz
  17. Vogue
  18. Skype
  19. Nike
  20. Nikon
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