Building Brands In China

Earlier this month, AdAge and Thoughtful China ran a conference entitled Market to Watch: Building Brands Beyond Tier One in China. In a country where ‘Tier 2’ cities may have populations of 7 million or more, there’s certainly plenty of reason to look beyond the more obvious markets of Beijing and Shanghai.

Some of the top growth strategy takeaways from the event are shown below:

  • China’s internet population is deeply engaged with social media – and marketers can take advantage of this.
  • Mobile marketing has huge potential in a market where there are 1 billion mobile phones.
  • WeChat is the hottest internet app for marketing in China. With 100 million plus users (and growing rapidly) and the ability for brands to have targeted one-on-one conversations with consumers, it’s definitely one to watch.
  • Don’t act in a way that goes against all your brand stands for, just to try to make a fast back. Your brand’s reputation, built over many years, is worth protecting and you should only adapt it to new markets with thought and with caution.
  • Get over your snobbish, French-influenced vision of luxury. Chinese brands certainly have the ability to become serious luxury brands too.
  • Music is universal and can be a powerful marketing tool in any culture.

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