Beyond the BRICS

As highlighted in a recent AdAge article, global expansion has, for much of the past decade, seemingly begun and ended with the BRICs – Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Now, however, questions are being asked about both the stability and growth potential for some of those four countries, not to mention the growing appeal among others not on the list – including Indonesia and Vietnam.

While it has to be said that some commentators profoundly disagree with those questioning the growth potential of the BRICS, others make the following arguments:

  • Some big marketers that were relatively early movers into the biggest of the BRICs – China – are redoubling their efforts there to address new competitive threats or shore up shaky business models.
  • China and Russia both face questions about how exactly they’ll deal with their rapidly aging – and thus increasingly burdensome – populations.
  • Declining demand because of the financial crisis in the eurozone further threatens China’s exports.
  • Russia, meanwhile, has been affected by the global economic slowdown and the recent decline of oil prices.
  • India’s issues include political gridlock combined with a regulatory system that’s widely unfriendly to outside global companies.
  • Brazil possibly has the best prospects but still faces slowing growth because of a slowing Europe, U.S. and China.

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