Your Company Is At Risk!

91% of companies have experienced at least one IT security event from an external source in the last 12 months

That is just one of the results of the ‘Global IT Security Risks’ survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab in partnership with B2B International, a global research agency, specializing in business research. More than 1,300 IT professionals in 11 countries participated in the survey.

The most common security threat comes in the form of viruses, spyware and other malicious programs. 31% of malware attacks resulted in some form of data loss, with 10% of companies reporting the loss of sensitive business data.

Only 70% of companies have implemented anti-malware protection fully across their businesses; 3% have no protection at all. The level of anti-malware implementation varies from country to country: in emerging markets 65% of companies have adopted it, while in the UK and US levels of implementation stood at 92% and 82% respectively. Despite this, the vast majority of companies still experienced an IT security breach in the last 12 months, and almost a third lost business information.

“Such an attitude is surprising when you know that almost half of all organizations see cyber-threats as one of the top-three emerging risks: IT strategy is ranked even higher than financial, marketing and human resources strategy,” said Alexander Erofeev, Director of Market Intelligence & Insight at Kaspersky Lab. “The most likely explanation is underinvestment in IT security.” Indeed, the study shows that every second company evaluates its IT security budget as insufficient, and estimates that an increase of 25% or more is required. Currently, the average investment in IT security is reported to be $8,055 for small businesses, $83,200 for medium-sized companies and $3,263,476 for large corporations.

Background To The Research:

Kaspersky Lab leverages the leading expertise in IT security risks, malware and vulnerabilities to protect its customers in the best possible way. To ensure the most effective protection for businesses it is important to understand what IT managers think about security, how they deal with various problems, and what the main concerns are. In order to achieve better knowledge, Kaspersky Lab actively communicate with their clients and partners and align their strategy taking this feedback into account. This helps in developing the best security solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. To further study business needs, Kaspersky Lab initiated global research, covering various aspects of IT security.

The research was performed in partnership with B2B International, one of the leading global research agencies. More than 1300 IT professionals in 11 countries participated in the survey . All of them influence IT policies and take part in evaluating security risks. The survey covers businesses of all sizes, starting from small (10-99 people) to medium (100-999) and large (1000+). A wide range of topics relating to IT security were covered, including wider business risks, actions taken to protect the business, and incidents that have occurred.

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