Saturday Night Believer

5 days on and Peter Mullarkey is still trying to get over the disappointment of Manchester United’s loss in the Champions League Final. He hopes that by reading his TNI you will not be disappointed in business.

Special events should be celebrated and Saturday night was no exception. Manchester United & Barcelona, the two finest team in the world, came together to do battle in the Champions League Final.

Two years had passed since that night in Rome, a lesson in football was all we walked away with, a 2-0 defeat which I still feel was jinxed by my meal of paella that evening! So it was with great hope and excitement that I entrusted my emotions to the men in red, white and black for the rematch.

All the words beforehand were positive, the team stayed fit and the preparation had all been about this game since winning the record 19th Premier League. I honestly thought that the lessons had been learnt since 2009.

After a hearty Lancashire hotpot (good omen, or so I thought), I took to my lucky seat, all the usual pre-match rituals were taking place, all the while feeling that tonight would be the night to lift our 4th European Trophy.

The game kicked off, we pressed well, won the ball, looked lively and pressured them into making mistakes with their passing. It was a great start, 7 minutes of real promise… yet it can all fall apart in front of your eyes.

After the 90 minutes, I could have no arguments; Barcelona yet again delivered a master class in how to play the beautiful game.

It left me feeling disappointed at something that I could never control, I tried my best, singing, shouting and willing them on, even though they were 180 miles away.
But in business we have more control over disappointing results. When something isn’t working a strategy can be created for how to improve.

Conducting customer satisfaction market research can help you to identify the areas to which more focus is required.

B2B Internationals are experts in this area having conducted hundreds of studies over the past 12 years. We have developed vital and informative tools, such as IMPSAT®, NPS and Correlation Analysis, and with our services we can help develop any disappointing areas into strengths. All the while playing up your successes, such as a 19th Premier League Title!

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