Happy Holidays

Another year has passed and we hope all our regular readers have enjoyed our usual sprinkling of thoughts on the world of marketing, market research and the world of business in general. 2010 saw confidence return to the global economy (albeit a tepid return!) with sectors such as the chemical industry starting to spend again following a turbulent 2009. In 2010 we also saw a greater emphasis on ROI and delivering action orientated findings following greater demand from clients to justify their budget spends. We also saw more prominence on customer engagement as clients began to realize that B2B customers are looking for an experience and not just a transaction (this probably accounts for the reason we saw customer satisfaction and loyalty research continue to increase in 2010).

As we look forward to 2011, nobody knows quite what it will bring but one thing we can be sure of is that with the recent explosion of Blackberrys, iPhone’s and tablet computers, digital media will play a more prominent role in how marketers and market researchers speak to their markets in the future.

We wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas holiday and a prosperous New Year.

B2B Blog Team

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