Keeping Your Ear To The Ground

Consulting with stakeholders has become increasingly popular, as both the public and the private sector apply principles of good governance to the way they operate. There is recognition that in order to maximise an organisation or a company’s success, it needs to look both inward and outward at those who are affected by the decisions it takes and the products it develops.

Many projects involve revisiting stakeholders after a period of time, using the relationship to maximum value to evaluate reactions to actions and to track perceptions. Corporations following this pattern are more likely to operate in harmony with those who are affected by their actions or who have a vested interest in their success.

Stakeholder consultation is therefore important insurance for the long-term effectiveness of an organisation, enabling it to build sustainable new directions and carry its audiences with it. In the latest white paper from B2B International, Carol-Ann Morgan makes the point that carrying out stakeholder research not only makes for a more informed, reflexive organisation that is responsive to the needs of its users and in tune with prevailing perceptions but also, with the sharing of both risk and reward that comes from stakeholder support, which corporations cannot afford to engage with their stakeholders?

To read the full white paper click on the following link – Keeping Your Ear To The Ground – Stakeholder Consultation

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