Pharmaceutical Research – What Next?

What does the future of healthcare related business intelligence hold? Some interesting insights mentioned in this month’s BHBIA journal show a greater focus on specific therapy areas and greater collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and market research agencies.

  1. Therapy trends: not surprisingly, with 1 in 4 adults in England and Wales classified as clinically obese, an increasing focus over the next 3 years will be on diabetes. Another therapy area that is predicted to grow in importance is in Oncology; presumably from the increasing cost and value of new oncology treatments.
  2. Respondent research trends: 81% of professionals asked agreed that patients are likely to become a more important research group, reflecting a shift in social trends where patients are more empowered with the information they readily have at their fingertips. Payers were also recognized as another key respondent type with cost considerations being ever more important in the current political and economic climate.
  3. Geographical research trends: 98% of professionals interviewed believe that a lot more focus will be on emerging markets. This is in stark contrast to the 12% who are focusing their research just on the UK.
  4. Working with market research agencies: a mixed view for future working practice with 26% of pharmaceutical companies stating they will work more with full service agencies over the next 3 years whilst 21% believe they will work less (the remainder stating no change). A similarly mixed view was expressed about future relationships with 58% stating a more collaborative partnership in the future whilst 21% felt the opposite to be true and stated the relationship will become more supplier focused.

The corollary of all this is that with the continual changes in the healthcare environment (economic climate, predicted end of blockbuster drug launches, growing patient power) is it not time that industry and agency relationships are reappraised to develop high value, cost effective business intelligence that clearly delivers a return on investment.

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