Meet The Boss

From visionary entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 CEOs, MeetTheBoss TV interviews focus on the business challenges that matter today, clearly explaining the solutions, competitive strategies, people, and thinking around them.

All this week, B2B International is sponsoring the latest thoughts from business leaders around the world:

  • Vinton Cerf, VP and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google – the so-called “Father of the Internet”, discusses the power of Google, the impact the recession has had on the Internet and what the future holds for how we use the Web
  • Ozwald Boateng, OBE, talks about the business of fashion and how to bring something unique to the world of business
  • Eric Ryan, Founder, Method, explains how to create a solid corporate culture and discusses how culture drives leadership
  • Anne Sweeney, Co-Chairman, Disney talks about being ‘The Most Powerful Woman In Television’ and how to sustain success in a cut-throat industry
  • Don Knauss, CEO of Clorox, explains why effective communication is critical to business success
  • Nick Hague, Director of B2B International, talks about the importance of market intelligence, how to build your market position and how to target your customers more effectively

Here are just 10 of the many key skills explained on Meet The Boss TV:

1. How leaders interpret situations and what they learn
2. How to develop the next generation of business leader
3. Proven, key strategies to improve innovative thinking
4. How to keep energy levels high in your sales team
5. How to deliver an effective marketing message
6. What companies want from today’s technology leaders
7. How to win hearts and minds during company-wide transformation
8. How to kill projects AND win internal battles
9. Proven, key strategies to make social media work for you
10. Personal management systems and what really gets results

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