How Important is Advertising?

How much of the money spent on advertising is wasted? Although it’s a very difficult question to answer, advertising research goes a very long way towards measuring and tracking over time the effectiveness of any ad campaign.

However, according to a new study by Satmetrix, only 2% of consumers trust advertising the most as a source of information when choosing a product or service. Almost half (49%) of respondents feel personal recommendations from family, friends or colleagues is the most trustworthy source of information. While this statistic is not surprising – word-of-mouth recommendation has always had an extremely positive impact – it is maybe a little surprising that so many more people (15%) find opinions posted online as that much more reliable than the 2% who trust advertising. While online message boards, forums, etc are meant to be an independent source of opinion, many people are skeptical as to how unbiased they often really are.

The study, in fact, claims that some companies are wasting billions on attracting new customers through advertising when their focus should really be on keeping their existing customers happy. According to the study, poor customer experience has forced more than 10 million consumers to switch suppliers in the past six months.

The principal cause of dissatisfaction to the point of switching is unfair fees or charges. A further 22% blame poor product or service quality. 19% move because of rude of disinterested employees. And, 12% leave because they feel they can’t get anyone to deal with their problem.

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