Online Marketing Survey

With online marketing seemingly growing in importance all the time, we found it interesting to assess how much this really is the case. Emedia recently published results of its 2010 Online Marketing Strategy Survey conducted among marketers and digital marketers, some of the key findings of which are published below:

  • 48% of respondents dedicate a minimal amount (i.e. less than 25%) of their marketing spend to online activity; only 12% allocate more than half of their budget to online activity. However, interestingly, the higher the commitment to online marketing activity, the lower the overall marketing spend. However, online marketing is generally considered much more ‘cost effective’ – or simply ‘cheaper’ depending on your point of view – than many other forms of marketing, and therefore offers a good solution to those with limited marketing budgets.
  • 66% consider email marketing to be the most important aspect of online promotion, followed closely by organic search engine traffic and SEO strategies. Social networking, with a score of 41%, was also quite highly regarded. Paid search strategies ranked lowest in the findings.
  • 40% already value using thought leadership collateral to engage more fully with their target audience.
  • 57% of respondents have an internal sales team wanting marketing to provide new leads, and 33% have aggressive new business lead generation targets. Just 16% remain focused on their existing customers to grow their revenue streams.
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