Marketing Laid Bare

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing and it’s no surprise that companies are taking advantage of the marketing opportunities this global event offers. One such ‘quirky’ marketing tactic comes to us courtesy of Pepsi Cola.

Apparently Diego Maradona, coach of the Argentina football team, has claimed that if Argentina wins the World Cup he’ll celebrate by running around naked in Buenos Aires.

Pepsi has pounced on this statement and jumped on the World Cup band wagon by announcing that, if Argentina is victorious, their soft drinks bottles will be sold in Argentina for a week without labels.

The following print advert, demonstrating Pepsi’s promise, is currently running in the country:

The bottle is bare except for a label around its neck saying “SI EL DT SE DESNUDA, NOSOTROS TAMBIEN” – which is to say “IF THE COACH GOES NAKED, WE WILL TOO”.

Would a week without branding be compensated for by the hype surrounding such a bold, high-profile move? One would certainly imagine so. Still, the staff of our English office are not expecting Argentina to win the World Cup anyway…!

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