To Twitter or Not to Twitter…

BtoB magazine has conducted a survey into the effectiveness of social media phenomenon Twitter for b-to-b marketers. Yet, with mixed findings, Twitter didn’t emerge from the survey of almost 400 US marketers as a ‘must-do’ marketing action.

Nearly half of all respondents in last month’s ‘Twitter in B2B Marketing’ study were dissatisfied with their return on tweets, and four out of five could not directly attribute revenue to micro-blogging. Yet, the survey revealed a striking contrast between occasional and heavy Twitter users, with successful Twitter marketers not surprisingly being more optimistic about Twitter’s future and long-term potential. Another unsurprising revelation was the suggestion that those marketers who do manage to generate revenue via Twitter tend to be more active and commit more time to using the social media site.

Interestingly, although the survey was based on 387 responses, in fact 592 questionnaires were completed. More than 200 results (35%) were discounted because the respondents say they do not use Twitter for business purposes, presumably using it on a personal level only…

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