Responsible Marketing

We’re all being encouraged to eat more healthily, look after the environment more, and generally be more responsible. And, increasingly, companies are either leading the charge or thinking of ways to give us a helping hand. Sometimes, though, people do object to this ‘political correctness’ and feel they are being lectured to. Why don’t you decide if this new move by Pepsi is a positive thing, or not quite as good as it appears?

From April 12th, Pepsi is offering its sugar-free customers in the UK more for their money by increasing the size of its sugar-free drinks bottles from 500ml to 600ml – a “nudge in the right direction” for consumers, according to its Chief Executive.

The bottles, which are also available in countries such as Australia, India and Canada, cost the same price as a 500ml bottle of regular Pepsi, Tango and 7Up, and are thus meant to encourage UK consumers to move away from its less-healthy sugar variants.

Since 2004, Pepsi in the UK has spent no money on advertising full-sugar Pepsi, at the same time as investing over £20 million in marketing its low- and no-sugar brands, Pepsi Max and Diet Pepsi. A new £5 million campaign is expected to accompany this latest move.

The launch comes on the back of market research in which consumers stated that they were 84% more likely to purchase the new range of 600ml bottles ahead of existing products.

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