Strong Growth for UK and International Market Research

Not every industry can boast strong growth this year.  And within each industry sector, not every geography will have experienced a great 12 months.  Yet we are pleased to report that the UK market research industry has this year grown by an impressive 6.2%.

According to the Market Research Society’s (MRS) annual survey, the UK market research industry – the second largest in the world – is now worth an estimated £2.16 billion (2008 figures), up from £1.8 billion in 2007.  Meanwhile revenue generated from international research grew by a remarkable 12.5%.

The 6.2% increase over the past year compares extremely favourably with revenue growth of 2.3%, 2.4% and 2.5% in 2007, 2006 and 2005 respectively.

Of course, there can be no guarantees about the sector’s growth for 2009.  Yet market research – which is arguably even more vital to ensuring the survival and growth of companies, across all industries, when times are hard – has, unsurprisingly, proved itself to be “relatively resilient compared with other disciplines in the marketing services sector,” during previous downturns, according to The MRS Director General.

The news that international research is experiencing such an upsurge is pleasing for us at B2B International, yet presents no real surprises.  Having conducted b-to-b research across the world for many years now, we have experienced first-hand the increasing desire of many clients to compete on a global scale.  With a growing presence in Asia and the Americas over the past few years, B2B International is now even better placed to serve UK clients looking to research international markets.

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