Tips for Growing in China

AdAgeChina is adamant that China remains one of the few bright spots for multinational marketers at the present time.  After all, with some 300 million urban and upwardly mobile consumers, China can boast the world’s largest numbers of internet and mobile-phone users, as well as the biggest global market for cars, beer and cigarettes.

But it can still be a tough market to crack, and a new white paper from Ad Age – Winning Consumers in China – can help those, particularly in consumer markets, looking to grow their brands in China.
Some top tips from the paper, many of which also apply to b-to-b markets, include:

  • Don’t think of China as a single country.  According to AdAgeChina, an unbelievable 273 of its cities are each home to more than one million inhabitants, giving you some idea of the tremendous scale of this country.
  • Don’t misinterpret the popularity of some Western brands as a desire among Chinese to become Westernized. China is advancing apace and is embracing many Western products and ideas, but it also has a strong identity, a proud history and many unique traditions of its own, all of which must be acknowledged and respected.
  • Underestimate local brands at your peril.
  • Beware mass media in China. One of the most effective ways to reach consumers in the world’s most populous country can actually be through one-to-one marketing.

The full white paper can be purchased from

B2B International, with research experts on the ground in its Beijing office, offers some similar tips to business-to-business marketers interested in the potential of this huge country.  Our white paper, Marketing and Selling to Chinese Businesses, explores the reasons behind both successful and unsuccessful marketing and sales approaches in China, and can be downloaded here for free. Alternatively, email if you would like to find out more from our team in China.

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