Does Size Matter?

Have you ever bought a large box of cereal, only to get home and find that it doesn’t fit into your cupboard on onto the pantry shelf?  If you have, then it would seem that you’re not alone.  Which is exactly why Kellogg Co. is currently trialing a new "space-saving" cereal-box design.

The new box, which is being road-tested in Detroit, is the biggest change to a Kellogg box since the 1950s.

The new packaging – which adheres to a shorter, fatter design – contains the same amount of food, but is expected to fit into pantries more easily.

Retailers are also set to benefit, as it is predicted that the new box will make better use of grocery-shelf space, allowing retailers to offer a wider variety of products.

A further bonus, enhancing the corporation’s environmental credentials, is that the new box design boasts an 8% decrease in materials, evidence that the company is looking to improve its footprint, as well as drive efficiency and effectiveness.

A spokesperson for Kellogg Co. says:

The test of this new space-saving packaging is part of our ongoing commitment to identify solutions that help us meet the needs of our retail partners and consumers.

The trial of this new product is expected to last six months, and aims to gain consumer and retailer insights with a view to rolling-out the new packaging nationally.

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