2009 Key Challenges part 1 of 2

Two key challenges are facing marketers this year, according to an article in Marketing News: how to restore consumer confidence and how to find short-term marketing solutions which continue to meet long-term brand strategies.


Confidence has been knocked, and right now customers are demonstrating changing needs and new buying patterns. Careful customer research, consistent messaging, and strategic – yet empathetic and understanding – tactics will all help to re-establish and rebuild confidence in brands and in the wider economy as a whole.

According to the article:

“Market research often lands on the chopping board when marketers are pressured to cut their budgets, but now more than ever, it’s pivotal for marketers to figure out just who it is they’re marketing to.”

Targeting and segmentation analyses should move to the fore. Equally, customer satisfaction studies can help to pinpoint your purchasers’ concerns and changing needs – and, of course, identify ways in which you can meet them.

More so than ever, it’s important for clients to be satisfied with your service, and be confident in their relationship with you and with your brand.

Another important way of restoring confidence is to continue to communicate with your clients. Visible and consistent messages demonstrate a strong, dependable brand. Brands that go dark make people instinctively ask questions.

In short, consistent messaging – especially that which empathizes with your audience and addresses their concerns head-on – can make an impression today that will last way beyond the current recession.

Part 2 of this article, tackling short-term solutions for long-term strategies, will be featured tomorrow.

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