Sustainability is here to stay

Being green is growing in importance, and it’s an issue companies should ignore at their peril.

According to new research commissioned by Yahoo, more than three in four consumers (77%) define themselves as "green".  57% claim to have made a green purchase decision within the past six months.
In spite of broad support for green issues across the board, consumers varied somewhat in their commitment to the cause.  Almost a quarter (23%) state that they are "deeply committed" to environmental issues, while a similar amount (24%, notably those in the 18-34 age group) think being green to be “trendy".

At present, green consumers are most likely to make sustainability a factor when buying cleaning and personal care products.  Yet impact on the environment is expected to grow in importance for larger purchase decisions, with 71% of respondents stating an interest in buying an environmentally sound car in the future.

Yahoo’s survey was conducted face-to-face with 1,500 18-to-54-year-olds in Los Angeles, Chicago and Portland, Oregon.  Respondents taking part in this study were initially recruited online.

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