Breakthrough in measurement of student satisfaction

Market research specialist B2B International has developed INSTEP – a unique programme of measurements and action-based reporting of student experiences.

The higher education sector globally is more competitive than it has ever been.  Educational establishments are under closer scrutiny than ever before, budgets are tight, job markets are enormously competitive and students are becoming increasingly discerning in the establishments and courses they choose.

Against this backdrop, the requirement for schools, colleges, universities and other educational organisations to understand the needs of their students, as well as to carry out market research and keep a close check on internal and external offerings, is self-evident. 

B2B International, with more than a decade’s experience in conducting bespoke student satisfaction studies amongst Britain’s leading educational establishments, has developed the unique INSTEP (Independent Student Experience Programme) to make student satisfaction research simpler, more accessible and more economical – yet no less effective.

It is no secret that higher education establishments are under ever-increasing pressure to raise student satisfaction levels with a view to improving their overall offerings.  Whilst the National Student Survey (NSS) undoubtedly plays its part in measuring performance and student satisfaction, it has been suggested that a more targeted improvement tool could help institutions to take significant strides in this difficult area.

INSTEP is the answer.  It is an independent off-the-shelf student survey package which complements the NSS perfectly.  Statistically developed to find the answers to an institution’s most pertinent questions, INSTEP is a technologically-advanced e-survey which doesn’t just measure actual levels of satisfaction; it also pinpoints the areas which are most likely to impact on student satisfaction, thus enabling resources to be concentrated on the most worthwhile improvements.

One of INSTEP’s strengths is that it is applicable at both operational and strategic levels.  It offers the ability to drill down into faculty, school and departmental level and it provides action-oriented results, making the measurement of student levels of satisfaction extremely useful for incorporating into the strategic plans for development.

The programme delivers understanding of student perception, overall satisfaction levels across the institution, identification of areas of strength and weakness, priorities for improvement, and potential for ongoing tracking of changes in satisfaction.

To learn more about INSTEP, click here.

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