The Coolest Product Packaging

Packaging is one of the key elements in the marketing mix that allows you to differentiate your product.  Indeed, when we conduct new product development research, packaging is one of the areas where we see some of the greatest examples of innovation.

The packaging of a product plays an integral role in many sectors, not least the food & drinks industry.

An innovative and unique form of packaging that has caught our eye recently is that of a major player in the beverages marketplace.

MillerCoors has introduced cold-activated packaging across its Coors Light product range.  The Rocky Mountains logo of this brand is printed in thermochromatic ink that turns blue when the bottle or can has been chilled to the perfect temperature.

This packaging has been seen on some products in the Coors Light range over the last year, but is now to be rolled out to include all sizes of cans and bottles in the product range.

Whilst some might argue that this is gimmick, there is no doubt that the true beer connoisseur appreciates his or her beer being served at the optimum temperature.  The company has attributed this – and other – package innovations to higher sales.

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