Cool Brands


What would you say is the ‘coolest’ brand you know? How do you even go about defining and measuring ‘cool’? 

Well, that’s what the annual CoolBrands survey tries to do.  This study, to find the UK’s coolest brand, takes into account the opinions of industry experts and more than 2,500 members of the public.

This year, for the third consecutive year, the UK’s coolest brand has been named as Aston Martin, a marque famously associated with the ever suave and sophisticated Bond. James Bond. The epitome of cool, perhaps?
This luxury car brand was one of several automobiles that made it into the top 20:

  1. Aston Martin (Automotive – Cars)
  2. iPhone (Technology – Telecommunications)
  3. Apple (Technology – General)
  4. Bang & Olufsen (Technology – General)
  5. YouTube (Online)
  6. Google (Online)
  7. Nintendo (Leisure & Entertainment – Games & Toys)
  8. Agent Provocateur (Fashion – Lingerie)
  9. Rolex (Fashion – Accessories, Jewellery & Watches)
  10. Tate Modern (Leisure & Entertainment – UK Attractions & The Arts)
  11. Dom Perignon (Drinks – Champagne)
  12. Virgin Atlantic (Travel – General)
  13. Ferrari (Automotive – Cars)
  14. Ducati (Automotive – Motorbikes)
  15. PlayStation (Leisure & Entertainment – Games & Toys)
  16. Sony (Technology – General)
  17. Nike (Sportswear & Equipment)
  18. Bose (Technology – General)
  19. Facebook (Online)
  20. Lamborghini (Automotive – Cars)

Upmarket, hi-tech and modern marques take up many of the remaining top 10 places, whilst a number of more traditional, well established names, such as Rolex and Dom Perignon, are still considered fairly cool.
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