Questionnaire Design – Chapter 10

This Monday sees the publication of the tenth, and penultimate chapter of our latest eBook – Questionnaire Design, by Paul Hague.

This week’s installment deals with the topic of "Special Questionnaires", by which we mean those questionnaires that depart from the usual telephone- or face-to-face- administered, structured survey.

The first type of special questionnaire to be explored are "check list" style surveys, used predominantly in qualitative research as a means of roughly structuring or guiding a conversation with the respondent. The second main "other" type of survey is the self-completion questionnaire, whether conducted by post or online. Such surveys work very differently to those guided by an interviewer, and as such, the questionnaire designer must tailor the questionnaire accordingly to achieve the maximum quality of response.

As always, this week’s chunk of the eBook is available both as a pdf and as a podcast. To download each, just click on the appropriate links below.

And last but not least, don’t forget that next week we’re publishing the final chapter of the eBook – be sure not to miss it!

Chapter 10 – Special Questionnaires

Chapter 10 – Special Questionnaires

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