Questionnaire Design – Chapters 7 and 8

Like London buses, you wait an age for the next installment of Questionnaire Design by Paul Hague and then two chapters come along at once!

Chapter Seven discusses "Interviewer Instructions", ranging from maintaining contact details properly to ensuring questions are asked in the intended manner. For instance, certain open-ended questions may require a good degree of detail, and thus further (possibly guided) prompting may be needed in such cases. Alternatively, instructions for randomisation, multiple choice options or scales may need specific instructions writing to ensure that both the interviewer and respondent complete the questionnaire as desired.

Chapter Eight, entitled "The Layout of the Questionnaire" deals with the essentials of properly laying out a questionnaire, such that data entry during the interview is aided rather than hindered. Also covered in this chapter are hints on how to structure the questionnaire in a logical manner and in a way that not only assists continuity, but also the likelihood of completion.

To download Chapters 7 and 8, please click on the appropriate links below:

Chapter 7 – Interviewer Instructions (pdf)

Chapter 7 – Interviewer Instructions (podcast)


Chapter 8 – The Layout of the Questionnaire (pdf)

Chapter 8 – The Layout of the Questionnaire (podcast)

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