Householders Have a Growing Demand for Security

A new survey by B2B International examines the increasing demand for security at the front door in Europe.

Friedland have been manufacturing door chimes, wireless security and security lighting since 1938 and their brand, especially for door chimes, is synonymous with high quality products.

Friedland’s main market is the buildings and construction industry.  This sector has been buoyed in recent years by strong growth, but faces a more challenging environment in the near future. The way buildings are constructed and periphery products (security, lighting) to the building are specified is also changing with the roles and responsibilities within the supply chain slowly becoming merged.

Given the continually changing market conditions in which they operate, Friedland commissioned B2B International to research the French and German markets for door-entry systems, security lighting and alarms.

The market for door chimes in Europe is in decline due to the increased demand for audio/video intercoms for door entry.

Installers are the key decision makers when it comes to deciding what doorbell is fitted in nearly nine out of 10 cases.  Quality, reliability and functionality are the key requisites that installers look for from a door chime.  Wired door chimes are preferred mainly due to the robustness of the system but also because many installations are replacing existing wired systems.

Friedland’s brand in the door chime market shows very high awareness with nearly all installers in Germany and three quarters of installers in France being aware of Friedland. 

In contrast to the door chime market, the market for security lighting and security alarms is in the ascendant with the heightened demand for greater security.  The annual market for these products is growing at between 3% and 5%.

B2B executive of this report, Matt Powell, says:

Everyone is becoming more security conscious, so it is not surprising that the research indicates a growing demand for security products in general and for new door-entry products in particular.  In the future, companies will need to revise their offerings to meet different market segments.  What we see is that brand is important and gives installers comfort that they will be getting a reputable product. Freidland are in a strong position with their ever-present brand. This research will enable Friedland to position itself as an innovator and leader and develop new security products ­– in other words, to become more than just a door chime company.

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