Making a splash in the US

Following the success over the past 5 years of its UK shower brand preference monitor, B2B International has announced it will be providing a similar offering in the USA.

The twice-yearly monitor will investigate US shower installers’ requirements from shower brands, the decision making process when deciding which shower to install, and views towards the various shower brands. B2B Director Matthew Harrison, who is based in New York, explains:

We know that when it comes to installing a replacement shower, it is the installer that takes responsibility for a large part of the decision. With this in mind, the requirements of installers, and their views towards the various brands in the market, are critical to any shower manufacturer. In addition to the American manufacturers, a number of European market players have a presence in the States, making for a very competitive market.

The results of the first wave of the monitor will be available in late August/early September. Enquiries should be directed towards Matthew Harrison in New York on +1 (914) 761 1909, or Matthew Powell in our UK office on +44 (0)161 440 6000.

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