Why Go Stateside? What B2B International Can Offer America (1/2)

B2B International’s latest office is about to open in New York, USA. At a time when all talk in the media is of a stuttering US – and indeed worldwide – economy, why are we heading Stateside now?

After a decade spent consolidating our position as one of the UK and Europe’s leading business-to-business market research agencies, B2B International opened its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Beijing in 2006. In the run-up to establishing B2B International China, the demand from clients wishing to find out more about Asia-Pacific markets – in particular China – had been unprecedented.

Yet, whilst this dramatic appetite for research in the East was occurring, interest in Western markets – both European and American – continued to be of huge importance to B2B International. Notably, both the market research we conduct into North America and that carried out on behalf of our US clients, remain consistently strong.

Given the current lack of confidence in the US economy, many US corporates are interested in finding new markets outside of the United States. With the dollar currently at a low and relatively weak domestic demand, there is an incentive for businesses to look overseas and to commission market researchers to evaluate opportunities for them. Since B2B International specialises in international business-to-business market research, we are in a very strong position to work for companies interested in research of this kind.

US market research buyers – like those in the rest of the world – are showing an increasing interest in commissioning research on Asia, in particular research on market assessment studies and potential opportunities. Indeed, we have seen a 35% increase in the number of US clients commissioning this type of project over the last 6 months alone. The bi-lingual team in the B2B International China office is ideally placed to meet the needs of American corporations wishing to find out more about Asia.

There remains great interest in conducting research across Europe. Given the idiosyncrasies of European countries in terms of their cultural trends, industry strengths and weaknesses, and market research offerings and opportunities, it is vital to entrust your market research to somebody who understands these differences. With native speakers of every European language based at our UK head office, B2B International fits the bill perfectly.

Tomorrow’s blog post takes a more in-depth look at what B2B International can offer American clients.

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