B2B International announces New York marketing workshop dates

Following the opening of its new office in New York, B2B International is pleased to announce the dates of its New York business-to-business marketing workshops in October 2008.

The workshops will take an interactive format and be led by senior business-to-business marketing and market research practitioners. There are two workshops – on Tuesday 21st October and Wednesday 22nd October – each of which is designed to provoke discussion and learning around key business-to-business issues.

On Day 1 (Tuesday 21st October) we will consider the challenge of branding and differentiation in business-to-business markets. For example, how do make our offer distinct when our competitors offer something extremely similar, and when the buyer’s decision-making unit is dispersed throughout the organisation?

On Day 2 (Wednesday 22nd October) we consider the equally significant challenge of segmentation and CVP development in business-to-business markets, on an international basis. For example, is it effective to rely on the obvious firmographic criteria of geography, company size and company type when targeting our offering at a worldwide b2b market? If we decide to use a needs-based segmentation, how can we reliably identify the needs of the market and how do we implement the segmentation? What are the implications of implementing a single CVP across different geographies?

The workshops will be led by Paul Hague, a world-renowned business-to-business marketing and market research expert, with 35 years’ experience behind him. Paul remarks:

We have conducted business-to-business marketing workshops for some of the largest corporations in the world, across the fields of engineering, chemical and petrochemical, gases, construction, pulp & paper and many more. In the last year alone, we have run sessions in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and London, with great success. Our New York office allows us to bring this offering to our many US-based clients.

A detailed programme of the sessions will shortly be made available. In the mean time, enquiries regarding the workshops or our market research capability in the United States should be directed to our New York office at newyork@b2binternational.com.

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