4Ps + 3Rs = Great PR!

Most people with a basic knowledge or marketing recognise the importance of the 4Ps – Product, Place, Price and Promotion. If you’re a service, the original 4Ps can quite easily be expanded to the 7Ps of marketing, by adding People, Processes and Physical Evidence to the marketing mix.

What’s less well known at the moment – but increasing in importance all the time – is the 3Rs – better known as Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. If you’re a company, put your Rs with your Ps and what do you get? PR!

On a day-to-day level, we’re all used to hearing about global warming, carbon footprints and the like. In fact, it’s reckoned that three-quarters of the British public is actively taking measures to reduce its negative impact on the environment.

What’s more, we expect businesses and brands to be leading the way. Whether they are small-scale actions such as switching off computers at night and re-using/recycling the paper used by office staff, or whether they are larger measures such as minimising wasteful and non-recyclable product packaging, each one is a step in the right direction.

So, what’s in it for companies? Well, firstly it’s something to tell your public about – basically it’s good PR. Secondly, it can be a good long-term move financially – either by creating competitive advantage, endearing your clients to you, or simply saving you money as you reduce your waste. Most importantly, it might just allow you to continue running your business since there will hopefully still be a planet!

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