Customer satisfaction and segmentation most important marketing issues

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Yes, yes – we know it’s a little belated, but seeing as there’s still the best part of 10 and half months remaining this year, now is still a good time to look at what this year’s marketing trends will be. As part of a three part post, we firstly examine what the most important marketing concepts are going to be for 2008:

A recent survey, conducted by on behalf of ESOMAR, looked at the Top Marketing Trends for 2008. Of the 607 predominantly US-based respondents, all of whom belong to the Marketing Executives Networking Group, more than a dozen marketing concepts of importance were noted.

‘Marketing basics’, which include specific concepts such as customer satisfaction, customer retention and segmentation, were of greatest interest. Approximately 60% of respondents rated these traditional concepts as ‘very important’, demonstrating that customers (and knowing everything about them) still dominate the minds of marketing executives. ‘Search engine optimisation’ had relatively wide appeal with 42% highlighting this as ‘very important’.

‘Green marketing’ (32%) emerged as an increasingly important concept. Specifically, marketing executives identified green marketing as one of the trendiest marketing buzzwords today. While green has long been important in many parts of Europe, marketers are recognising this as a topic of growing importance among US consumers as well.

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