Amplifying Brand Power Through Effective Business Strategy

We talk quite a lot at B2B International about the power of industrial brands (so much so we have a book specifically on that subject), and much is made of the importance of branding, how businesses build their brands, and the impact that having a strong brand can have.

In a post on his Brand Autopsy blog, Jonh Moore highlights that the power of the brand on the business isn’t just a one-way street; Moore emphasises the importance of first-and-foremost having a strong business in order to create a strong brand. In his post he goes on to highlight the key factors in that process:

Brand-building is an exercise we businesspeople get excited about. I’m very much devoted to helping businesses build their brand.

But in doing so, I focus less on implementing “Branding Strategies” for businesses and instead, focus more on amplifying Being Strategies of businesses.

I truly believe that you cannot create a brand before you create a business—the process is simultaneous. As you build your business, you create your brand. Your brand never makes your business possible. It’s your business that makes your brand possible.

When I talk with businesses wanting to improve their branding, I ask them three questions:

a | How do you make a profit?
b | How do you make employees happy?
c | How do you make customers happy?

I ask these questions because a funny thing happens when a company (a) makes money, (b) makes employees happy, and (c) makes customers happy … it makes a strong brand. Being Strategies for a company find avenues to making a profit, enchanting employees, and pleasing customers. The result being, a strong brand.

Is it simple? Yeah, I think so.

Name a company that (a) fails to make money, (b) fails to make employees happy, and (c) fails to make customers happy … yet, is recognized as an endearing and enduring brand.

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