4th EU-China Business Summit in Beijing

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao: 4th EU-China Business Summit, Sponsored by B2B International

Yesterday saw the conclusion of the 4th annual EU-China Business Summit in Beijing – an event focussed on improving the sustainability of the ever-expanding business relations and trade ties between the EU and China.

The conference, in part sponsored by B2B International, consisted of two distinct components – a practical working group which discussed how business between the two countries could be strengthened in light of environmental and global financial issues, and a plenary session attended by leading political and business figures.

Those speaking at the plenary session included Chinese premier Wen Jiabao, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson. The session, which provided for an amicable and open discussion of the business issues affecting the respective territories, broached a variety of subjects, including foreign exchange, the balance of trade and barriers to entry.

In particular, Wen emphasised the imperative of greater parity in trade between the Euro-zone and China, but nonetheless argued that growth in trade should continue apace:

We have and will continue to put in place measures aiming at expanding imports and promoting a more balanced bilateral trade.

Mandelson also focussed on the mutual benefits of increased co-operation with China, not only for EU countries, but for the international community generally:

A balanced and open economic relationship trade relationship between China and the EU is a win-win – smart businesses on both sides have to agree with that. I hope that this Business Summit confirms the foundation of our Strategic Partnership and gives a new impulse to a relationship which has been good for China, for Europe and for the world.

The event was followed by the 10th China-EU Leaders’ Meeting, also attended by leading Chinese and European power-brokers, and provided a further opportunity to outline future strategic partnerships and more pragmatic issues concerning the relationship between the two regions.

B2B International are a perfect example of the increase in interconnectedness between the EU and China in recent years – We now have a presence in both the EU, with our UK-based office as well as in China, allowing us to provide specialist market research consultancy at a local level, but with a wealth of collective knowledge shared between both.

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