British Food In China

According to a China-Britain Business Council survey, fish and chips came out as the favourite British meal among its Chinese staff, 80 percent of whom gave top marks to the chip shop staple. The traditional British roast with trimmings was another clear favourite – particularly among those who had experience the authentic Yorkshire pudding. Apple pie was the top sweet, with two-thirds of respondents appreciating it.

Most are delighted by Cornish cream teas, seen as “very Englishâ€?, and are happy to drink tea the British way, with milk. The full English breakfast is also popular. A former student in the UK remembers delicacies such as mushroom and chicken pasties and egg mayonnaise sandwiches. Brands such as Cadbury’s and Tiptree are mentioned with nostalgia. Some foods are liked because of their resemblance to Chinese foods – Cornish pasties because they bear some resemblance to the large meat dumplings (bazoi).

Even British cheese has some admirers, though many are put off trying it by the smell. There is already at least one chippie in Beijing; on these findings, there is plenty of market potential!

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