Google Universal Results And B2B

Google have recently announced that they arrive to radically change the way their search engine works. The new ‘Google Universal Results’ will merge their standard search results with results from Google images, and Google videos. So how much of an impact will this have on businesses? Cast your eyes over the article below from the B2B Marketing Development Blog

Something New: Developing Digital Content for B2B

Reading up on the different changes going on in the SEO world, I found that Google was integrating a wide range of content into their Search Results. They are calling this Universal Results. The results that are returned under the main Google Search Bar are webpages, videos, photos, news stories and other forms of digital content all pertaining to the key phrases typed into the search box.

We had an earlier post titled Improved Search Engine Placement: It’s not just about YOU! You can read the post if you are interested, but to summarize a point real quick from it: It states that your placement in Google or the Search Engine Results isn’t always as important as those webpages that are placed around you. And driving traffic to your webpage for conversions. This post was written a couple months back. Google’s thought process about Universal Search supports our claim. To support the changes and implementation of Universal Search, Google states that its results today aren’t just about rankings and positioning. It is about getting coverage, covering ground or having real estate. It is about messaging and it is about branding. What are your goals of your SEO Program? Is it #1 rankings or driving traffic to your website?

What does Universal Results have to do with B2B? This is the industries’ chance to do something creative, design something unique, start a blog or post a video. There are different ways to capture your audiences’ attention and drive them to your website or to pick up a telephone and we need to explore those areas and branch out. Our digital content will be found with Universal Search. I’ve seen the changes in my search results already. And personally, I like it, because now I don’t have to use the video search engine to find a related video to my topic. The most relevant result was already posted.

Take a moment, look at your website, what can be added to support your site? Would a blog about your industry help? Would creating a YouTube account for the different videos your company puts out be worth the time investment? How are you going to change with the audience of the Internet? As technology advances and new ideas develop it is only going to grow. First step, get your website up and running with the room to create new supporting pages, for the digital content you are putting out on the web.

Remember, it’s all about the Real Estate!

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