Effective And Emotional Branding

From the Power PR blog:

Emotion and Branding Effectiveness

Manufacturing marketers can take branding notes from the public relations efforts of other types of businesses. Like nonprofits and small businesses understand, your best company feature is your best branding feature. When it’s time to put out some successful branding promotion, think about what company assets you can emphasize in your marketing message and how to emphasize them in such a way that the audience wants your product, regardless of tough competition or hindrances to the buyer’s gain.

Business experts have found that consumers who have a decent financial standing, and many who don’t, will purchase a product if they’re moved by emotion to do so. Emotion can play an important role in marketing strategy. As you build a branding campaign, keep in mind that buying manufactured goods isn’t necessarily always about the surface benefits and its appropriateness to the buyer, it can also be about a particular charity involved, a brand that has always been in the family or is family oriented, or the use of materials that support environmental consciousness.

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