Being Assertive With Branding

A nice post on being bold and brave with branding, from the Power PR blog.

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Be Bold With Branding Messages
When it comes to branding, passivity doesn’t pay. Using generic branding rules and following the traditional methods of establishing a nice brand in a nice industry niche for nice customers won’t cut it in today’s age of slicing-and-dicing competition. Your branding efforts must be fierce if you expect a truly successful branding campaign.

Fierce branding takes the message all the way. From “here’s a nice product you can rely onâ€? to “attention all industry customers: here’s a product you absolutely cannot live without.â€? What makes your product undeniably necessary for your customers? What are its highly beneficial aspects and its production increasing incentives?

Don’t hold back on your branding message. If your promotional messages are filled with statements that will impact a reader, then the promoter stands a much better chance of winning over critical customers.

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