Determining a brand name

An interesting article on determining a brand from the Power PR blog. The article discusses the trend of multi-word brands from companies – and argues the impact of keeping brand names as simple as possible.

Determining the Title of a Brand

How important is the name put on a product? For branding purposes, the name is extremely important. Ideally, the product you distribute is to become a household name. In order for your customers to easily adopt the product as a household name, it has to have a friendly name that rolls off the tongue at households.

Unfortunately, company leaders are trying so hard tie together the product name, the ownership’s name, the better selling products name, the newest name incorporating a trendy word…that it’s becoming too many words on the label. A five word brand name doesn’t roll off the tongue. A word that is appropriate, attractive, and easy to say will. Branding specialists need to know when efforts to tie in the title with too many aspects of the product are detrimental to the product becoming a household name.

Branding leaders should insist that the name of a product be chosen for branding purposes first and foremost. Customers don’t care who owns the manufacturer that makes the product or whether or not it’s tied to their favorite dish soap. They care that it works and has an easy name to remember at the grocery store.

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