China Market Research Survey: social networks the key to finding jobs

It is well known how important social networking is to business in China, but is it still so important further down the chain? An article published this week by China Daily looks at how important social networks are when looking for jobs in China.

China Market Research Survey: social networks the key to finding jobs
By Jeff Pan (

Half of new college graduates from Chongqing Municipality consider guanxi or relationships with the powerful and influential as the most effective way to find a job.

According to a survey jointly conducted by Chongqing Talents Communication Center and Chongqing municipal government public information website, 43 per cent of students think “employment condition is rather fierce, and it’s hard to get a satisfactory job.”

Another 18 per cent think “the key to find a good job lies in professional skills. Talents with good techniques could easily find a job, and those who lack will have problems.” Only four per cent think the most important factor is the diploma.

Concerning salary expectations for their first job, 53 per cent of new college graduates expect their monthly income to be no more than 1,500 yuan (US$194); just over a quarter of those surveyed hope to earn between 1,500-2,000 yuan (US$194-259); while only 22 per cent expect more than 2,000 yuan (US$259).

Government positions are still the top career choice for college students at 45 per cent, followed by 22 per cent for foreign companies or joint ventures, and 15 per cent for state-owned enterprises. Those who are willing work for private companies only amount to 7 per cent. And just over 11 per cent of those participating in the survey want to start their businesses.

When asked about the most effective way to find a job,” 45 per cent consider social networking through family, friends and acquaintances as the most effective way, followed by talent fairs, self-recommendations, university-organized job-hunting programs, at 17, 15 and 15 per cents respectively.

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