The Revolution Of Market Research – Online Panels

We are well aware that on-line research has enjoyed dramatic growth in recent years, and now plays a key role in market research around the world. Globally, in 2005 it has been estimated that online represented 20% of expenditure, nearly doubling from 11% in 2004.

This rapid growth is easy to understand since online offers many benefits. It is faster, more flexible, allows real-time reporting and invariably is more cost effective. The method is of course self-completion, thus changing the relationship between researcher and respondent.

The appropriateness of an online survey will depend entirely on who and what is being measured, and the use to which results are being put.

Notwithstanding the growth of online and its increasing importance to the industry, we believe it is important at the outset to make an informed judgement regarding online’s appropriateness for any given survey. This evaluation should be on the basis of a proper understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of all data collection methods to ensure that a proposed study methodology is genuinely fit for purpose

Here at B2B International we are constantly undertaking online research. The methods that we use within our company are Online Panels, E-Focus Groups and E-Surveys. Our online panel, which is rapidly growing, is made up of members from many different sectors and allows for a wide diversity of enquiries.

We also work very closely with Ciao! Surveys who are one of the world’s largest panel groups. They have 1.3 million members in Europe, 3.3 million in the Americas and 440,000 members in Australasia. Having propriety panels across the world’s key markets means that they are a reliable one-stop shop as they have full control of the panellists.

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