The Power Of Industrial Brands – Chapter 13

The Power Of Industrial Branding

Today see the publication of 13th and final chapter of “The Power Of Industrial Brands”, our latest free ebook. Every Monday for the past few months we have been publishing a new chapter on this blog all of which have been available for free download. As well as this, you can download each chapter as an audio podcast from our podcast site – The Market Research Podcast. In two weeks time we will be publishing the book in it’s entirety right here on this blog (for free, of course).

Brands clearly have a value to the companies which own them; the business is worth more because of the position of the brand in its market. Traditionally the value of a brand has been regarded as part of goodwill (the extra worth of a business over and above the value of physical assets) and accountants have only valued this at the time a business is sold – up to then it does not appear on the balance sheet.

In recent years some major consumer brands have been capitalised – a value has been put on the brand and included as a balance sheet asset of the company owning the brand. This chapter looks at valuing brands and the various approaches that can be implemented when attempting to establish a brands worth.

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Chapter 13 – Valuing Brands

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