Key Trends In Online Research

We are firm believers in ‘Online’ here at B2B International and we are always looking forward to see ways in which it will progress and what the current trends are for online research. Pete Comley, of Virtual Survey, recently identified 10 key trends for online research in the consumer market. Pete believes that:

1. Online will get cheaper
2. Online panels will get bigger
3. Response rates will decline
4. There will be an online register
5. There will be better fraud detection
6. There will be more profiling/specialist panels
7. More clients will do their own surveys
8. Online software will evolve
9. We’ll adopt more adult relationships
10. Research 2.0 will arrive

As a business-to-business company, the trend we feel will be of the greatest importance is the growth of the specialist panel. With the business market moving at such a fast rate, the emerging markets need to be researched and this could be made difficult with Pete’s prediction that response rates will decline. So it will be hugely important that specialist panels are setup and used to their full potential.

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