B2B International China at Chinese Market Research Conference

B2B International China, the Beijing-based subsidiary of B2B International, today appeared at a prestigious CMRA (Chinese Market Research Association) conference aimed at the Chinese banking sector. The conference was attended by leading figures from the burgeoning and increasingly deregulated Chinese banking industry, including the ‘Big 4’ Chinese banks, as well as leading banking experts and industry journalists.

The aim of everyone present was to explore and better understand the opportunities to conduct market research in the financial sector.

The session led by our Chinese office was on the ‘hot topic’ of switching suppliers of business banking in China. General Manager Alaric Fairbanks explained, “We have immense experience of market research and marketing consultancy in the banking sector, in Asia and Europe alike. We were therefore extremely pleased that this expertise was recognised by the CMRA, and it was obviously very pleasing to be able to display our knowledge and experience to such an important target audience. The financial sector is one of the industries where research is booming in China, and a sector where we see ourselves increasingly offering our services.”

For further details on our Chinese subsidiary, please visit www.b2binternational.com.cn, or call +86 (0) 10 6515 6642. Alternatively email the office at beijing@b2binternational.com.

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