B2B International
B2B International

December 8, 2006

Just a short post today to point you in the direction of a huge resource that people may find useful when conducting desk research on Asian markets.

Chatham House has a variety of reports on their website that cover a vast array of different issues relating to China. To view the website click here. A selection of the reports that are available on the site are listed below:

– Wage Differentials and Ownership Structure in Chinese Enterprises
– Shareholding Structure, Depoliticization, and Firm Performance: Lessons from China’s Listed Firms
– Local Protectionism and Regional Specialization: Evidence from China’s Industries
– The Power Structure in Chinese Listed Companies: The Company Law and its Enforcement
– The Financial and Operating Performance of China’s Listed H-firms
– Management of China’s State-Owned Enterprise Portfolio: Lessons from International Experience
– Political Control and Performance of China’s Listed Firms
– Soft Budget Constraint and Productivity of Chinese State Enterprises

For more information on research in China, visit the website for our office in Beijing at www.b2binternational.com/Beijing.